man in black t-shirt and gray pants standing near white wall
man in black t-shirt and gray pants standing near white wall


We work with the best specialists in the field to ensure the best quality for our projects.

A properly designed, managed, and maintained irrigation system is an essential tool for a healthy, functional landscape. Our featured Hunter irrigation supplies will maximize the effectiveness of the water you use.

Hunter's sprinkler sprays and rotors remain among the most popular in the industry due to continued research and advancement.

Choose Hunter irrigation equipment to design a complete watering system, Hunter controllers and sensors for management, and Hunter irrigation parts for maintenance.

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white open signage

Sprinkler Supply Company has been partnering with landscape professionals since 1982.

Sprinkler Supply Company knows that when it comes to keeping your lawn green and healthy you need access to the best possible supplies at the best possible prices.

We have hand picked Sprinkler Supply for an extensive inventory of sprinkler parts, along with an experienced team of customer service representatives who are always happy to help.

Rain Bird's expert engineers spend years developing products that are both efficient and effective. They believe that smart watering products are a crucial part of maintaining a healthy lawn while also saving money and conserving water.

Rain Bird's products are designed to help you make the most of every drop of water, and we're constantly looking for ways to improve their performance.

green grass in close up photography
green grass in close up photography

Our turf is a custom seven-seed blend of Kentucky Bluegrass that is researched and tested for Utah's environment.

They have been growing the turf locally since 1965. Growing the turf locally gives the turf the ability to adapt to the local environment in its early stages.

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